The foundation of the curriculum is laid out by the state through standards. The framework for the curriculum is set by the district and can be accessed via a link through my class webpage. The essential learnings of the curriculum are established at the building level. We began revising these last year, and are continuing the process this year. These will eventually be posted on my class webpage as well. English class focuses on the development of reading and writing skills. As part of this development, we will read short stories, poetry, plays, novels, and non-fiction text while paying particular attention to vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking. We will also write a variety of pieces.


This is an active learning class in which self-discipline and empathy are the pillars of behavior. We learn as a whole class, in small groups based on interest, readiness and learning style, and also as individuals. I will do my best to differentiate instruction in an attempt to meet students' needs. Successful students are willing to explore new ideas, listen to others, and share their questions and answers.


Students will demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and skills through class work, quizzes, and homework. Grading is based on assignment completion, quiz scores, and student effort. Class work makes up approximately 75% of the grade, while quizzes and homework constitute roughly 20 and 5 percents respectively. I will try to update Schoolview on Friday afternoons.

Homework/ Late Work

We expect students to read 20 minutes per day at home. Occasionally students will need to complete written assignments at home and prepare for quizzes. With class work and homework, the late policy is as follows:

Trimester 1: full credit up to the week before the end of the trimester

Trimester 2: half credit up to the week before the end of the trimester

Trimester 3: no credit for late work.

Thank you for supporting what we do at BHMS and in House 15. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.