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In an effort to make resources available to the Oak Ridge Summer Academy staff, I am creating my first moodle class. I hope to get all the curriculum, handouts, games, activities and forms up on this site. Please be patient as I "grow" this site. Your coordinator, Cindy Nordstrom (651-270-6919)

Oak Ridge Physical Education...Get Fit and Never Quit!

This is a general information site for Oak Ridge Physical Education! On this page, you can find out about upcoming events, ideas on ways to stay active, see cool pictures / videos about what's happening in Physical Education, and stay connected with the school as to why physical movement is needed to help academic performance.


Mr. Ackland

This is an introductory course in Reading Recovery theory and practice.The course will focus on assessing the reading and writing behaviors of emergent readers using informal measures and observational techniques, and applying effective instructional techniques. Reading Recovery theory and instructional practice involve analysis of student behaviors and teaching for expert decision-making of individual children selected for Reading Recovery intervention. It includes supervised on-site teaching.