The AP Environmental Science course (APES) is offered only during the senior year and is a year-long course. However, most students taking the APES course have already completed one year of environmental science as part of the integrated Environmental Studies course their junior year. The junior year of Environmental Science provides essential prerequisite background information about the natural world, including general ecology, natural history, and freshwater, marine, and terrestrial systems.

Much of the content on the AP Environmental Science exam is presented during the Environmental Studies time period (house). Class content in the Environmental Studies (house) course is structured to provide a comprehensive foundation for the AP Environmental Science exam. Additional material and labwork is accomplished during AP study hall in weekly meetings. Emphasis in the AP Environmental Science lab section is focused on analyzing and evaluating “real world” environmental problems. Written lab reports are the primary means of assessment for labwork. Additional online activities, lectures, workshops, field studies, and guest professionals are used to provide additional preparation for the exam.