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    Mrs. Altendahl - 3rd Grade


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    Welcome students and parents. We will be studying and working on many new and exciting things this year. Third grade is a year of transition from the development of skills to the development of independence. It is a time for students to begin to assume responsibility for their education and become lifelong learners.


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      Our Schedule:

      Morning Work

      Literacy - Block A

      Specialists - Cycle Day 1 = Music



      Literacy - Block B (STEM included here)

      Math - Number Corner

      End of Day


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        class pact
        Goals and Expectations for 3rd Grade

        Learning in a positive environment helps motivate and stimulate student learning. It is my job as the teacher to inspire students to achieve greatness. In every classroom there must be rules in order to create this type of environment and it is important that you and your child understand the expectations implemented in the classroom.

        Homework: Homework assignments will be assigned on a regular basis. Students are expected to write down the homework in their assignment notebooks. Also, students are expected to record their RAH minutes in their assignment notebook and have it signed by their parent. Assignment notebooks are to be returned to school everyday.

        Positive Consequences: Students who follow the school/classroom rules will be rewarded with extra free time. Free-time Friday will be given to students who follow the rules and those students who do not follow the rules will be given Study Hall time to complete any unfinished homework and to reflect on their decision making.