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    Welcome to Mrs. Nelson's Title 1 Page!

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    I am a Title 1 reading Teacher at Cedar Park STEM Elementary school. I am currently working across several grade levels as a Leveled Literacy Interventionist . My position offers extra reading support to qualified students during the year. I am in my 22th year of teaching at Cedar Park.  

    I really enjoy working with small groups of students to meet each child's specific needs .  I value each student's unique learning styles. I encourage each member to actively participate in their reading group! I want each student to share their learning experiences with the group. Our lessons consist of reading a familiar book and a new book at their reading level. We also write about the story and phonetic parts of vocabulary.  I meet individually to record reading and comprehension often.  The families provide the most important support every day by listening to their child reread their book and discuss the story.The classroom teachers, parents and myself will communicate and support each student in their successful journey!



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      If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at, or call the office at (952)431-8360.

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        All of my students will be bringing books home to read with parents. Parents model good skills by reading stories to their children and actively listening.

         When the child pauses at a difficult word, the parent encourages them to 'try it' and then tells the word quickly. The child needs to keep reading longer phrases toward fluency. Children's comprehension will improve the most when they are reading books that have only one or two unknown words per page. Older students need to understand what most of the words and phrases mean!

        We send home books that the student has already read in reading group.  We also send home an easy book to work on reading smoothly with expression and meaning.This will strengthen and reinforce what they are working on in their classrooms and literacy groups.

        The classroom teachers also give leveled reading classroom books to read during their daily managed independent reading time. Research has shown that students who read just right books a total of 90 minutes daily increase their reading proficiency the most!

        Thank you for supporting your child's learning at home. Watch for these books in their backpacks!  PLEASE RETURN books and homework EVERYDAY.

        The LEVELED LITERACY PROGRAM is a structured, researched-based program focused on reading and writing.  The reading -at-home is a necessary part of the success of your child!