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    Welcome to DAPE (Developmental Adapted Physical Education)

    • Developmental Adapted Physical Education is an integral part of the physical education program sharing common beliefs, goals and a body of knowledge.
    • Physical Education promotes a healthy body; develops coordination and motor skills, fosters creativity, enhances peer interaction and socialization.
    • The term Developmental focuses on the outcomes to be achieved by the student as a result of participation in the physical education program.
    • The term Adapted focuses on individualizing the instructional process. Instructional adaptation includes selecting the setting and environment; determining the pace of instruction; providing appropriate independent and guided practice; and modifying equipment.

    Wendy Willaert @ FRMS (952) 431-8760 or voice mail (651) 683-6969 (#95586)

                          MS. WILLAERT"S 2017 DAPE SCHEDULE

              Gold Day                         DAPE ’16-‘17 Schedule              White Day


    1a      w/ Ms. Smith’s (7)/Prep         8:09-8:34                1a      Ms. Storvick’s(CID)/Prep 


    1b        w/ Mr. Calhoon (8)                8:35-9:00                1b    w/ Mr. Calhoon (8)




    2a       Ms. Zickrick’s(CIP/DCD)        9:04-9:29                 2a   Ms.  Zickrick’s(CIP/DCD)


    2b        w/ Mr. Altavilla  (7)               9:30-9:55                 2b     Prep

                 w/ Ms. Smith (6)

                 w/ Mr. Calhoon (8)



    3a     Ms. Storvick’s (CID)               9:59-10:24               3a    Ms. Storvick’s (CID)


    3b         w/ Mrs. Smith (6)              10:25-10:50              3b    Prep/Travel to EP

                 w/ Mr. Altavilla (7)


    Midday on Fridays 10:53-11:18 (8) and 11:21-11:46 (7/8)

    Travel / Echo Park Elementary (M-F) / PREP