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    9-3-14 Updated:  Lunch Menu, 1st Day of School Pictures, School Calendar Dates
    9-4-14 Updated:  Strep Letter from the Nurse
    9-15-14 Updated:  XTRA MATH Link
    10-9-14 Updated:  DP Calendar/Upcoming Dates in October, Lunch Menu, DP Pathways
    10-15-14 Updated:   3rd grade Minnesota Zoo Field Trip Pictures,  DP Pathways
    11-17-14 Updated:  DP Pathways, Grade 3 November Newsletter, DP Calendar/Upcoming Dates in November
    11-26-14 Updated:  DP Pathways, Grade 3 December Newsletter, DP Calendar/Upcoming Dates in December
    12-15-14 Updated:  DP Pathways, Hour of Code Pictures 
    1-6-15 Updated:  Science Links & Grade 3 January Newsletter
    1-14-15 Updated:  Math Links
    1-16-15 David A. Adler Author Links
    1-19-15 DP Pathways
    2-2-15 DP Pathways, February Grade 3 Newsletter, Valentine Mailbox Letter
    3-2-15 DP Pathways
    3-6-15 Math Links
    3-17-15 Chris Soentpiet * Illustrator Website *Calendar Update
    4/1/15:  MATH VOCABULARY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!
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    -Math is Fun
    -Cool Math
    -Math Words

    5-3-15:  DP Pathways, Calendar

    5-11-15:  DP Pathways, Calendar

    5-21-15:  DP Pathways, Calendar,  May/June Grade 3 Newsletter,  Walker/Sculpture Garden Field Trip Photos

    6-5-15:  Last Day of School Photo/Note

    Grade 3

    **** Welcome to 3rd grade!  ****

    Your two teachers this year will be:  Mrs. Schultz (am)  & Mrs. Stevens (pm)

    3rd grade co-teachers