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    Welcome to Mrs. Schneibel's 1st Grade Class!

    Welcome JPEGWelcome to first grade at Shannon Park. We have a lot going on and this is another way for the class to share their first grade journey.

    I have enjoyed getting to know your family as we meet and talk. Click below to meet my family.

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    Meet Mrs. Schneibel's Class!
    Take a look at the class of 2025! There are 22 children in my class. They are quickly becoming friends and enjoying each other as they share their talents.

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      Trimester 1 Site Words

      In this first trimester we want the children to be able to read and write basic site words. Knowing these words will help to improve their reading and writing. Please take the time to work with your child. You can be creative and turn learning into a game. Try Site Word Go Fish, Site Word Memory and let the child be the teacher to see how many you can get right.

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      Math Tri 1
      Bridges In Mathematics
      This program facilitates the development of children's mathematical thinking and reasoning abilities by providing age -appropriate problems and investigations in such areas as number sense, geometry, probability, data analysis, patterning and measurement. Some of these problems and investigations grow out of ventures into the everyday world whiles other delve more deeply into the world of mathematics itself. The children are encouraged to explore develop, test, discuss and apply ideas with the teacher and each other.
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        Poet's Club
        September Poem

        In September
        for a while
        I will ride
        a crocodile
        down the chicken soupy Nile.

        Paddle once
        paddle twice
        paddle chicken soup
        with rice.