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  • General

    Mrs. Olson


    Welcome to my 3rd grade classroom! I am excited to start a new year. One of the highlights of my year is introducing the children to Australia. I have visited Australia twice and the children will be getting pen pals with children at a school in Lake Heights in New South Wales. My husband and I visited Lake Heights Primary School in 2003.

    Lake Heights

    Click here to see our pen pals school website.

    Wombat pictureThe wombat is my favorite Australian animal.

    • Topic 1

      Sflagtar Spangled Banner

      The children learned about the history behind our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner. The flags they made were wonderful!

      Click on the flag to visit a website where you can explore an interactive flag at the website of the Smithsonian American History Museum. You can even see the actual flag on display at the museum on this website.

      • Topic 2

        The children are reading series books written for children their age. The goal is to read two books from a series, then switch to a different series. I want them to experience reading different authors in order to expand their reading experiences.
        • Topic 3


          Here are some websites that you can use for math skills.

          Bar graphBar graphs
          Work with pictographs
          Money flashcards

          Counting money
          interactive mathGreat site of math activities

          Stop the ClockWork on telling time


          • Topic 5

            Word Study
            The week of January 3rd, we will not be having a word study test. The following week, the test will be on forming plurals with words that end with -y.

            Here is a web site that you can use to help your child study spelling lists when they have one.


            • Topic 9

              Social Studies
              When the children come back from Winter Break, they will need to bring a list of countries of ethnic origin. From this list, they will choose one country to investigate and do a presentation on. More will come home about this before Winter Break.

              Click on the above picture go to a website to learn more about immigration.


              Click on this picture to visit become a person who has immigrated to the United States.

              • Topic 10

                Book Orders
                You can check here for the due date of the book orders, or you can check the PEEK at the WEEK. Remember, every time you order ONLINE, Scholastic will give a FREE Book to our class!

                Scholastic as changed their web site this year for ordering online. Please be patient. We are learning how to use this site together!

                Next book order due Dec. 3rd. Click here to go directly to the book order.