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  • Topic 1

    Welcome to Mrs. Nordquist's

    First Grade Class!

    This is a place for you to find information regarding our class schedule, as well as some links to extend learning at home.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

    • Topic 5

      Poet's Club Logo


      In September
      for a while
      I will ride a crocodile
      down the
      Chicken Soupy Nile.

      Paddle once,
      Paddle twice

      Paddle chicken soup
      with rice.

      by Maurice Sendak


      Poet's Club - memorize by Sept. 30.
      • Topic 17

        Sight Words

        Sight words are words that need to be learned and recognized quickly by children when they read. Below are some activities to help children learn and remember sight words.

        Word Drag 1 Word Drag 2
        Popcorn Words

        • Topic 18

          Math - Groups of 10
          In first grade, we focus on learning groups of 10 in various ways. The children are able to recognize a ten-frame and see how many dots there are, and how many more make 10.

          Ten Frame

          You can play the card game called "Tens, Go Fish". Your child will play this game in school.

          The links below are some activities that your child can do at home to practice making groups of 10.

          Number Twins

          Math Lines Activity
          Ten Frame Activity