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    Welcome to Mary Snyder's
     Kindergarten Class 

    • Topic 10

      Down on the Farm
      "We are on our way, on our way to the farm!" We are enjoying learning about the farm this month. One of the highlights of the month will be observing chicken eggs. Ms. Franzen has the incubator in her room. We hope they will hatch! How exciting! We look forward to our Field Trip to Gale Woods Farm on Wednesday, May 28th.

      SHOW TIME!!! Our show will be on Friday, May 9th at 10:00 pm. The kids are going to be awesome!

      • Topic 21

        Writer's Workshop-Informational Writing, cont.
        Another type of Informational Writing that we explore in Kindergarten is "All About" writing. Within this very beginning introduction to "research" writing, we develop a Cover Page, a Table of Contents, draw and label a Diagram, draw and title Different Kinds Of our topic, and do a brief Report...two or more facts that we know to be true about our topic.

        Our Writers are really enjoying finding out more about a topic, and helping us learn about it too! They're doing a GREAT job!

        • Topic 31

          May -- School Fun


          _____ Practice writing all of the combos to 10 or 20.
          _____ Take a deck of cards. Flip over 3 cards and add them together. Tell somebody your strategy.
          _____ Take a deck of cards. Flip over 2 cards. Subtract the lower number card from the higher number card.
          _____ Write your own word problem and solve it.


          _____ Read two books. Discuss whether or not there are connections between the books.
          _____ Read one of your favorite books. Make up a different ending to the story.
          _____ Read a book. Write an article about why or not you would recommend this book to a friend.

          _____ Think of a topic that you know a lot about. Write an All About book. Include the table of contents, the report and the diagram.
          _____ Think of something you know how to do. Write a How to book.
          _____ Write about the best part of your day and tell why it was the best.

          • Topic 43

            8Math in May!
            Most patterning experiences for kindergartners will focus on repeating patterns, but these young mathematicians can also begin to visualize and talk about growing patterns. A growing pattern is a pattern that increases or decreases by a constant difference. Have fun trying out these patterns! growing patterns