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    Welcome to Mr. Hoekstra's Third Grade Home Page

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    Welcome to Third Grade. The school year is off to an excellent start. I'm enjoying getting to know everyone and learn about the various summer experiences. Please contact me with any questions. My email address is posted on this page,

    Daily Schedule

    9:30 Number Corner, Morning Meeting
    10:10 Phy. Ed, Music, Library and Computer Skills
    11:00 Science, Social Studies, Health (Units)
    12:00 lunch and recess
    12:40 Pick-up and read aloud
    1:00 Math
    2:00 Quiet reading time
    2:30 Reading Instruction
    3:00 Writing
    3:30 End of Day activities, Assignment notebook
    3:45 Dismissal

    Cycle Day Schedule

    (Group B)

    Cycle Day 1 Music
    Cycle Day 2 Library, Tech
    Cycle Day 3 Phy. Ed

    (Group C)

    Cycle Day 1 Library, Tech
    Cycle Day 2 Phy. Ed.
    Cycle Day 3 Music

    Contact Information
    Thomas Lake Elementary School
    4350 Thomas Lake Rd
    Eagan, MN 55122
    Phone: 651-683-6890

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      Web Links

      Book Adventure
      Good site for finding books, and taking a quiz after reading
      That Quiz
      Good site for math facts.
      Math worksheets
      Have you ever wondered where to find math drill worksheets?

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