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    You are Special
    Welcome to Mrs. Nelson's Kindergarten Plus Class

    As we are sure you are aware, Kindergarten is one of the most important and exciting years of your child’s school career. It is a year full of opportunities for you and your child’s teacher to work together in your child’s growth . . . socially and academically.

    Daily Schedule

    Kindergarten Schedule

    Phy. Ed Specialist

    Morning Meeting/Healthy Snack

    Read Aloud/Library

    Guided Reading/Daily Five: Independent Reading/Shared Reading, Listening, Writing, Word Work (Phonics)

    Writer’s Workshop (Lucy Calkins)



    Rest Time/Listening

    Special Sharing/Author Chair

    Math/Number Sense

    Math/Problem Solving

    Units: Science, Social Studies, Art, Technology, Library, Health

    Reader's Workshop

    Free Choice


  • Chicks, Hens and Roosters