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    Welcome to Mrs. Ice's

    Third Grade Class

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      Classroom Announcements

      We are now done with the Steps to Respect bully prevention program presented by Mr. Ciemny and Officer Beth. The students learned a lot and hopefully will have skills now for any situation that may arise.

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          Cursive Writing

          Cursive writing starts the first day of school! We will begin with lower case letters. Students will focus on holding their pencil correctly and having good posture. The goal for letter formation is to have good slant, proper letter size, and correct shape.


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            Series Books
            Students will read from a variety of series and authors.   The goal is to read a book a week.  I would like them to read no more than 2 books per series so they can experience different authors.  They should read books at their reading level. We'd like the students to bring their book home to read each night and return the book each day to read during Independent Reading Time.

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              Physics of Sound is our next unit. In this unit your child will
              investigate the fundamental principles of sound generation, how
              sound travels, and some of the physical characteristics of the
              energy form we call sound. This is an exciting unit for students.
              Over the next 6 to 8 weeks they will engage in active
              investigations of vibrating systems and musical instruments to see
              what they can find out about pitch and volume, and how to
              control or modify systems to control the sounds they make. This
              is the basic premise of music.

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                Word Study tests are on Wednesdays (change from what originally said). The list will be sent home on Fridays. Please practice the words at home. Some weeks may not be tested. I will note that on the PEEK at the WEEK.

                Spelling City
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                  Social Studies

                  Mrs. Kerndt will teach our class social studies. The first unit will have the students learning how to read maps and where we are in the world.
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                    We continue to write personal narratives. Thank you for sending back the pink sheet that will help them with ideas of stories to write. They are learning strategies to help them with that. It's fun to hear about the people, places and things that matter to them.
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