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    Pinewood Elementary
    Physical Education with
    Mr. Radant

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    Sample Assignment Listing

    This topic block is an example of including an "off-line activity" assignment. Please read the assignment description link below to find out a bit about the settings on this assignment and the display options.

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    Sample Teacher Defined Glossary

    In this basic Content Management model you can also include a Teacher Defined Glossary of terms to complement you class and assist students. Several of the topic blocks use some of the entries in this teacher generated glossary. Moodle automatically links these words to the glossary if they are used in other text blocks.

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    The following table added in editing mode includes sample images as an example of how pictures can be added to compliment communication.

    Sample Tide Pool Images

    Tide Pool Image 1
    Tide Pool Image 2
    Tide Pool Image 3

    The above images are thumbnails with hyperlinks to larger instances of the pictures set to open in a new browser window.

    Sample Resource Listing

    This topic block also includes an example listing of resources for a course. A wide range of file types may be attached as resources. Resources can be prepared files uploaded to the course server; pages edited directly in Moodle; or external web pages made to appear part of your course communication. File types that are not displayed in a browser window are downloaded to the user's computer. Links are created to the uploaded resource files (Moodle automatically assigns the icons according to the file type):

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