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    Students are introduced to the beginning accounting system of a business using the double entry method. By the end of this course the student will be able to record business transactions for an accounting system and complete the end of a fiscal period financial statements. Topics covered are proprietorships, partnerships, ledgers, cash control systems, journalizing, and financial statements.

    Mr. Christiansen


    VM 93369
    The 2014-2015 school year will mark my 17th year teaching business at Apple Valley High School and District 196. While this is my 17th year teaching at Apple Valley, I have spent many years in this building prior. From 1988-1992, I myself was a student here. Even today, I can say some of the best times of my life happened at AVHS. My decision to become a teacher was definitely influenced by my high school experience and the teachers I encountered.
    I earned my Bachelors/Master degree in Management from the prestigious Carlson School of Business at the University of Minnesota. Upon completion of this degree, I went back to pursue my teaching license in business. Luckily, I had the opportunity to student teach at Apple Valley High School. The following year, a teaching position in the business department was open and I was fortunate to be offered the job.
    In my 17 years at Apple Valley, I have taught most of the classes our department offers. Those classes are: Personal Money Management, Computers In Business, Management, Marketing, Sports Marketing, Keyboarding Accounting, and Advanced Accounting. Currently, my teaching assignments are Keyboarding and Accounting. Along with my teaching duties, I am also the department chair for our business department.
    Without a doubt, co-curricular activities had a huge impact on me as a student at Apple Valley. As a result, coaching is also a large part of what I do at Apple Valley. At this time I am the Men's JV Soccer Coach (19 years) and the Head Women’s Golf Coach (16 years). Coaching keeps me very busy, but gives me another opportunity to see and meet more students than just those I have in class.  
    In a world that is rapidly changing, we need to prepare our students for their futures and success. Important life skills that can be used now and financial skills that will be essential in their future are taught everyday in business classes. The Business Department faculty encourages students of Apple Valley to take business classes to prepare them for a life beyond high school. We have a variety of business course offerings with something for everyone. Whether a student chooses college or another career path beyond high school, the knowledge and skills they will learn will prepare them to make sound decisions regarding their employment and financial future. We strongly believe that all students need exposure to business and financial practices.
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