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    Welcome to Mrs. Kolstad's Speech/Language Page

    Students who qualify for and are enrolled in the Speech/Language program see Mrs. Kolstad for a variety of support services including articulation, language (understanding and expressing), fluent speaking and/or voice. Students are engaged in a variety of activities to support classroom learning and/or development of communication skills.

    Students are seen during a "Block Time" schedule established with their classroom teacher and grade level. Classroom time is also scheduled for monitoring of carryover of skills as determined by the student's team.

    Mrs. Kolstad is available Monday through Friday; however, the best time to reach her by phone is from 8:15-9:00 AM.

    Please contact Mrs. Kolstad by phone at 651-683-6890 (Thomas Lake Elementary) or by e-mail at

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      Building the Reading Brain, PreK-3 (Wolfe, P. & Nevills, P., 2004)

      Chapter Two: What Happens in the Brain When Children Read?

      Chapter Eight: Comprehension and Vocabulary Challenges for 2nd Grade