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    Mrs. Stevenson's First Grade Page


    Thank you for visiting our class web page!
    This page is a resource for you to see what is happening in our classroom.

    Please check out the Cedar Park First Grade web page for further information!

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      KEEPING IN TOUCH with you:

      Each month a school newsletter will be sent home via the electronic mail list service. It will provide you with information on what's happening at our school, and keep you posted on events in the weeks to come. If you haven't already done so, be sure to subscribe to my list-server by clicking the Backpack Online sign-up link below.

      "Backpack Online" which is Cedar Park's electronic mail list-service. By subscribing to Pathways, you will receive weekly mailings with timely news and information about our entire school. Click here to go to the Backpack Online Sign-up Page.

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      Important Cedar Park School Dates and Events:

      For the most current and comprehensive listing of Cedar Park events,
      visit the School Calendar page.

      • Topic 10

        Learning Targets

        Reading- I can read for 15 minutes without stopping.

        Writing- I can write for 15 minutes without stopping.

        Math- I can count forwards from 1-30 quickly without pausing.

        Math- I can count backwards from 20-1 quickly without pausing.

        Social- I can sit quietly in the learning station while keeping my mouth and body under control.

        Social- I can work quietly at my table spot while keeping my mouth
        and body under control.

        Social- I can walk quietly in a line without talking or disturbing other

        • Topic 11

          GETTING IN TOUCH with me:

          You can contact me in any of the following ways:

          Electronic Mail -

          Front Office - call the school's main office (952-431-8360) and the front office staff will take a message for me. I will return your call as soon as I'm available.

          Voice Mail - 651-683-6969, extension 93666

          • Topic 13

            Due to the large number of children with allergies please do not send birthday treats to school for your child's birthday. Thank you.

            We celebrate birthdays in our classroom by having an extra recess in honor of the birthday child. The birthday child gets to choose either an inside recess or an outside recess, weather permitting. The child also gets to choose a prize from the birthday box!

            If your child has a summer birthday we will celebrate their birthday in May or early June.