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    Teaching 21st century skills to todays students!

    Our goal at Cedar Park is to get the most up-to-date technology into the hands of our students. Technology offers relevant and engaging opportunities for student learning. Students learn new ways to create, communicate, problem solve and collaborate using 21st century skills. Students have easy access to computers throughout the school. Interactive boards, LCD projectors, wireless laptops, digital cameras and other toISTE NETSols help engage students in the excitement of learning.

    Our technology curriculum is based on the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) National Education Technology Standards. Click the ISTE icon below to see the student standards.

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      What's Up

      Kindergarten! We are hard at work learning how to use the Technology at Cedar Park!  Our Kindergarteners have used Desktop Computers, Laptop Computers, and iPads this month to learn how to use a mouse, learn letters and letter sounds.  Ask your kindergartner about!

      First Grade! Our first grade students have also been working with Desktop Computers, Laptop Computers, and iPads!  We have learned about how to take care of our computers and played some great learning games.  We now turn our focus to Insects.  We will be visiting a few websites about insects and creating a Podcast about insects!

      Second Grade! Our second grade students are learning about plants!  We will be using a great art program called KidPixs to create a scientific drawing of a plant.  Students will also be learning about keyboarding using a great website called Dance Mat Typing!

      Third Grade!
      Our third graders are working on Structures of Life!  They will become Junior Naturalists and create a Field Guide of Minnesota Animals using a fantastic program called Comic Life!  We will also be starting our Keyboarding Unit this Trimester using Type To Learn.

      Fourth Grade! Our fourth grade students are working on their Water Unit.  We will be using Collaboration Station (Google Docs) to create a Presentation to share what they learned during this Unit.  Students will create Graphs, a Water Cycle and learn about internet research to create their Presentation! We will also be starting our Keyboarding Unit this Trimester using Type To Learn.

      Fifth Grade! Fifth Grade students are learning about being good Digital Citizens!  We talk about how to behave online, cyber bullying and different types of digital communication.  Students will use Collaboration Station (Google Docs) to create a Presentation on the information they learn!

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        We are all Digital Citizens!

        What is a community? What does it mean to be a citizen of that community? What does it take to be a contributing member of a community? Students need to be able to communicate and collaborate safely and ethically in todays digital world. The links below will help students learn about how they are a part of a digital community and how to properly use todays technology.

         Cyber Cafe

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          Stand UP to Cyberbullying

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            Heads Up: Stop. Think. Click.