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  • General

    Welcome to Fundamental Math (Period 2) and Essential Math (Period 4) My name is Herb Harvey and this will be my 18th year of teaching at the high school level. Essential Math is a class for students who have qualified for special education services and have math needs on their individual education plan. This course will focus on the development of algebra skills and will review skills learned in previous math classes. Students will have assignments most days, but will also have time to complete work in class. Periodic test/quizzes will be given to assess knowledge and individual progress within each unit.
  • Topic 1

    September: 1) Pre-test 2) Review math skills 3) Divisibility Rules 4) Greatest Common Factors 5) Factoring 6) Least Common Multiple 7) Prime Factorization
    • Topic 2

      October: 1) Order of Operation 2) Integers - Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide 3) Combining Like Terms 4) Fractions, Percents and Decimals (add, subtract, interchange, find percents of a number)