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    Welcome to Academic Literacy 9

    Course Description:
    Academic Literacy is a year-long intervention course designed to accelerate students’ literacy growth. The focus of the class will be on academic literacy skills that will enable the student to be successful across content areas. The course will focus on reading engagement with self selected texts, strategic reading, self-monitoring, and word competency. Students will learn to read for different purposes using both fiction and non-fiction texts of varying complexities.

    Scott Voss

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    Weekly Notes


    Hello Folks,

    I can't believe that we are already at the end of our fall trimester.  I think it has been a fantastic start to the year, and I am so impressed with your work so far.  We are currently listening to the book We Were Here, and that will be the last big unit of this term.  We have completed four of our big six assignments, and we just have two left: the final and the last notebook check.  Keep up the good work. 

    Mr. Voss
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    Tuesday Night Readings

    Find your Tuesday Night Readings Here.

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    Topic 3

    We Were Here

    We Were Here ImageOver the course of the next three weeks, we will be reading We Were Here in class. You will be responsible for listening to the story, writing notes and reactions, discussing it, and taking the final. The final counts as one of the Big Six.

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    Writer's Workshop

    Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop Academic Literacy 9

    Definition:  A classroom workshop is an active, hands-on class where students are consuming (reading) and producing (writing) more independently.  Here is what a workshop looks like:

    • a teacher led mini-lesson at the beginning of class (7-10 minutes)

    • independent work time where students are quietly reading or writing (30-35 minutes)

    • a closing activity where students share out what they have done (5 minutes)

    Responsibilities of Students:

    • Choose texts that are related to the topic of inquiry and at the appropriate reading level.

    • Produce one book project and one writing project per five week cycle

    • Read and write quietly

    • Share reading thoughts and writing with class

    • Re-direct attention when distracted

    During the course of the year, you will be required to turn in five separate, polished pieces that show your developing skills as a writer. Each piece must be thorough and complete. The topics for your pieces will be loosely based on our inquiry units. At the end of the year, your portfolio must contain the following:

    1 narrative piece................purpose: to tell a story (personal or made-up)

    1 informative piece..............purpose: to present factual information

    1 persuasive piece..............purpose: to examine a controversy

    1 literary analysis............ purpose: to analyze a piece of fiction

    1 "own choice" piece...........purpose: any purpose

    See the attached file for explanations of these types of writing.

    • Book Project

      Book Project

      Due September 28, 2015.
      Assignment: Create a project that shows your understanding of the book you read.

      Interview with Mr. Voss


      If you would like to see some of the projects we did last year, you can visit here.

      If you are looking for a good book to read, you can look here. These are reviews written by my students.