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  • Welcome to the 2017 GOLF SEASON!


    On this page you will find key information about


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     Tamara Colucci

    EVHS Coaching Staff:

    EVHS Head Varsity Girls Golf Coach:  Tamara Colucci---    612-306-4409

    Varsity Assistant/JV Coach:  Betsy Pagel-------651-356-4853-

    JV Coach:  Sheena Greiner-

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    MARCH 20TH--is the first day of practice-2:30-4:30 at Eastview

    Practice Times: (may be subject to change as we prepare for the season)

    Practices are Monday-Friday. Attendance at all practices is expected. Be at the course 10 -15 minutes before practice starts to get prepared.  

                      Varsity Practice:  3:00-5:30- At Valleywood

                      JV/JV Beginners: 3:30-5:45- At Rich Valley

    Week 1:  MARCH 20TH-- March 24th

               The first day of practice 2:30-4:30  at Eastview--in C350 

               Tuesday-Friday -All will practice at Rich Valley from 3:00-5:00

    Week 2:  March 29- April2-- SPRING BREAK

    There will be optional practices available --dates and times to be determined.

    Week 3.   Qualifying for teams

    Qualifying will be three 9 hole rounds.  The low 2, 9 hole scores for each player will be used to determine a rank order for Varsity, JV, and Developmental teams.  New foursomes will be assigned each day.  The top eight to twelve girls will make the Varsity Practice Squad, and the next eight to twelve girls will make JV Practice Squad.  The remaining  team members will make the Developmental team.  Once the initial selections have been made, a player may be moved from one level to another in the best interests of the team at the discretion of the coaching staff.

    We will all practice at Rich Valley during the first 2-3 weeks of the season. 

                We will be outside and at the course if the weather permits, otherwise we will be at Eastview--in C350 or Ms. G;s room- C 132.

    Indoor Practices may include a variety of the following:

    • “Rules of Golf” sessions 
    • Strength-training or cardio work
    • 3/4 swing wedges, 3/4 swing eight iron shots, and putting drills
    • Individual swing analysis
    • Course strategy and gamesmanship sessions
    • Team bonding activities
    • Goal-setting discussions

    All of these practices are essential to anyone trying out for this year's team.  If the schedule directs you to the Auxiliary Gym; we will meet at the scheduled time in the hallway just outside the gym entrance.  Dress appropriately; athletic attire with tennis shoes.  Be prepared to bring a putter, #7 or #8 iron and pitching wedge.  

    Transportation: This outdoor practice time will focus on preparing golfers to compete in golf.  Practices at Rich Valley will start at 3:30p.m.  You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the golf course.  Please carpool to minimize the disturbance to your parents’ schedules.  You will be dismissed from the golf course between 5:30 & 6:00 depending on if we play 9 holes.  Please make appropriate accommodations for transportation home after practice.  Players are to use great care when driving their own vehicles, and will not drive carelessly or recklessly.

    Weeks 4 through 10.   Our competitive season is short but busy.  Varsity players have one or two 18 hole out-of-school tournament every week.  Stay ahead of your studies.  Girls who have played more than 36 competitive holes in a week may use a scheduled practice to get caught up with schoolwork/life.  If you are scheduled to play in a match and are absent from school, immediately notify your coach personally.  We must know early in the day in order to find a replacement for you.  If you are not in school, you are not eligible for matches or practice.

    Travel:  All players will be required to ride school vans to and from all away matches when school transportation is provided.  Transportation is usually provided when crossing I494 or I35.  In some cases we will meet at the course.  Please look up directions and have a travel plan.  You will be notified ahead of time to prepare for and arrange rides.  It is your responsibility to get to practice and meets on time.  Carpooling is recommended.  




    • 2017 Captains

      2017 Captains

      Taylor Endicott

      Emily Wasilowski

      Courtney Carson


      To be eligible to be named Captain a person must have been on the team for a minimum of 2 years. During their 2nd season an athlete may complete the Captain Application to be placed on the ballot to be a Captain in their 3rd season on the team. Team members from the previous season may vote for Captain. The team will have up to 2 Captains.

      A Captain should be a leader on and off the course. They should be a good student (minimum cumulative GPA 2.0), have positive values and show they have the work ethic to lead a team to the highest possible finish at Sections and State.

      Captain Applications will be on the moodle for viewing a minimum of 2 days prior to the team vote.


    • Shutterfly



      Go to and request to become a member of the Eastview Girls Golf site

      Here is a message on how to access the pictures:


      It is my understanding that many of you are having difficulties accessing the Shutterfly account.  All you need to do, once you are invited to the site, is “Sign up”.  This option is at the top of the page … it says Sign in/Sign up/Help.  You need to Sign up.  It will ask you for your name/e-mail/password.  Password is girlsgolf.  You’re IN! 

      Now … if you happen to have an existing Shutterfly account (under the same e-mail that you gave me) then you sign on with your existing password.  Once you’re in … you hit Share and Eastview Girls Golf should be alongside your other accounts. 

      I can see that several of the e-mails I sent out inviting you to become a member, are “bouncing” which means I don’t have an accurate e-mail address.  Those same people aren’t going to receive this either, but I have no other means of contacting them.  So, if any of you that read this know of one of your teammates having issues, have them go to and request to become a member of the Eastview Girls Golf site.  That way I will get an accurate e-mail address from them and can then quickly add them as a member to the site. 

      Good Luck and have fun scrapbooking!!!

      • Parent Involvement


        We welcome parental involvement in the Booster Club and with specific events throughout the season. 

        Past Year's Events We Need Help With:

        • Team Bonding Party (April)
        • Team Barbeque (April-May)
        • Pizza after Pictures (May)
        • Scrapbook Night (May)
        • Golf Banquet (June)

        If you have other ideas for events, please let us know!