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    Welcome to Mrs. Demmert's Second Grade Class!

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    I am excited to be co-teaching with Mrs. Tompkins in second grade this year. I will join the class at noon to teach reading & writing. We will be working closely together to integrate the STEM subjects throughout the day. It is going to be a great year!

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      Literacy Focus for September & October

      Our first unit of study this year will be a fiction focus as we build our classroom community and establish the routines and expectations for our classroom.  We will work to become responsible, respectful independent learners.  We will be building stamina in reading & writing. Encourage your child to spend 20 minutes every night reading.  If you need help finding just right books for your child, let me know.

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        You can contact me in any of the following ways:

        Electronic Mail -
        Front Office - call the school's main office (952-431-8360) and the front office staff will take a message for me. I will return your call as soon as I'm available.
        Voice Mail - 651-683-6969, extension 3610

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            • First Science Unit


              Our first semester science unit is plants. We will looking at plant life cycles, plant parts and the role of plants in our everyday lives. We will also explore the role insects play in the world of plants. It's a great time of year to help your child notice the changes fall brings to plants. There are many examples of seeds and seed dispersal all around us!