Topic outline

  • General

    Welcome to Science!

    Parents & Students - Please use the calendar to the right to check on what was done in class today and what homework was assigned.  Move cursor over day in question and click on it for a more detailed list or explanation.

    If you need to contact me, you can reach me at

    **All Missing or Absent Work Due Friday!!**

    • Topic 1

    • Science Journals (Gridded Composition Notebook from school materials list)
    • We will be writing in these notebooks daily, documenting our labs, notes, and assignments.  These will be collected and graded throughout the year. We will be keeping these in the classroom and only sent home on an as needed basis.

    • Vocabulary List

      Every week, excluding a few, we will hand out a vocabulary list of about 15 unit vocabulary words that we will quiz the students on.  The quiz will be a matching style quiz.  Each quiz will be worth ten points. These lists will help the students increase their scientific literacy and vocabulary. Below is a link to the list for the current week.

      • Retake policy - Students that receive a D or U grade have the opportunity to improve that score to a C, but they need to:
          1. Come to the retake quiz time
          2. Score a 90-100% on the retake
          3. Quiz will be on same 10 words on original quiz
          4. Will be matching