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    Welcome to Mr. Sadek's Physical Education class

    Welcome JPEGWatch for photos of all the fantastic and fun things we do in Physical Education! Philosophy: Our goal at Thomas Lake is to get the students active!! We will be participating in some awesome units this year such as lacrosse, soccer, tumbling, team handball, and track & field. The students at Thomas Lake will have Physical Education once every three days for 50 minutes. At the elementary level my goal is to expose the students to as many different activities as possible, while getting a great cardiovascular workout. As they continue through school they will have a better idea of the activities that they would like to pursue. Supplies: Comfortable clothes are very important and shoes that tie help the students move safely during Phy-Ed. Students are welcome to bring a water bottle (please lable). Expectations: My expectations are for students to do their best. Effort is the most important thing, just giving your best and trying will help you improve everything that you do. We also stress saftey, we need to make sure we are acting safe and keeping the rest of the students in the gym safe also. While Mr. Sadek is giving instructions students need to listen so they will understand what we are going to do during Physical Education that day.


    9:30-10:00 Fitness class

    10:10-11: 00 3rd Grade

    11:00-11:50 4th Grade

    12:20-1:10 2nd Grade

    1:10-2:00 1st Grade

    2:00-2:50 5th Grade

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      Pictures from PE classes.

      Mile Run
      Mile Run 2
      Mile run 3
      Mile run 4