Topic outline

  • General

    • Communication

      Communication from school to home is so important in making a successful educational experience for your child. School to home communication will take place via email or through your child's communication binder. Please be sure to check your child's backpack for your child's school work and important school related items on Friday.

      These are the staff members who work with your child during the school day:

      Adrien Buzzo, teacher
      Julie Foster, paraprofessional
      Lisa Machacek, paraprofessional

      Diane Proulx, paraprofessional
      Jill Glosemeyer, speech and language pathologist
      Abbey O'Donnell, occupational therapist
      Phil Stromme, developmental adapted physical education teacher
      Danielle Zick, music teacher

      Feel Free to contact me with any questions or concerns:
      952-423-7595 (Highland Elementary School)
      Voicemail #92627


      • Homework Ideas:

        1. Read a book.

        2. Write your name.  

        3. Say your phone number.

        4. Look at the clock.  What time is it?

        5. Count or identify coins.