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      Morning Meeting

      We continue to enjoy time SHARING our family events and common interests each morning. At this point, Headline Shares are still optional, but as students gain confidence, all will be encouraged to prepare this type of share for the group.

      Our favorite part of the meeting continues to be the ACTIVITY. So far, we have played Coconut, Coseekie, Screamin' Eyes, and Zip, Zap, Zup. Students are doing well with these activities, working together to accomplish the goals of the games.

      • Topic 2


        We are working in Unit Three and well into GEOMETRY. Yes, lots of vocabulary to learn and visual images that represent the various shapes, angles, and lines. Take a look at the parent letter below for more specific ideas for the unit.

        We continue to work on basic addition and subtraction facts. Your child should be able to solve 30 problems in 1 min., 30 sec. (or less). We will work up to 50 problems in 2 min., 30 sec. for those students who are ready for it. A website you might use to practice them is Triangular flashcards (with facts up to 20) or Wrap-ups are fun to use too and something different from regular flashcards! Ask for them at one of the teacher stores.

      • Topic 4


        Our study of the solar system began by exploring the sun, moon and planets. Students were allowed to choose one of them or other objects in our solar system, such as asteroids or meteors, to research. After finding five to ten facts, students prepared a presentation to be shared with the class.

        In addition to studying about the orbit of Earth, we discussed reasons for day/night, years, and seasons. Students learned about gravity and Earth's atmosphere too.

        We will also be studying the Milky Way Galaxy using the Star Lab donated by Flint Hills Resources. The Star Lab is a mini planetarium that will be set up in the music room. Students will view the night sky, exploring star constellations, the North Star, moon phases and myths about the constellations. We will have four days in the Star Lab during the last week of December.
        • Topic 6

          Steps To Respect

          Week 2: Thursday, September 29
          Assertiveness Steps
          1. Get calm. Take three deep breaths. Between each breath, say two or three short words that remind you to get calm.
          2. Stand straight and tall.
          3. Look at the person you are speaking to.
          4. Say what you mean in a strong, clear, respectful voice.

          Week 3: Thursday, October 6
          Joining a Group
          1. Stand nearby, look, and listen.
          2. Say something positive or ask questions.
          3. Ask to play or join.
          4. Say something helpful or find a way to help.
          5. Ask again to play or join.

          Week 4: Thursday, October 13
          Recognizing Bullying
          * Bullying is:
          Unfair and one-sided. It happens when someone keeps hurting, frightening, threatening, or leaving someone out on purpose.
          * To recognize bullying, ask:
          Is it fair?
          Is it one-sided?
          Is someone using power in a hurtful way?
          How does it feel?
          *If you are still not sure, ask an adult.

          Week 5: Thursday, October 27
          The 3 Rs of Bullying

          Week 6: Tuesday, November 1
          Reporting Isn't Tattling
          * Reporting is telling an adult in order to keep people safe.
          * Any time is a good time to report bullying.

          Week 7: Thursday, November 10
          How to Report Bullying
          Be ready to tell what you know to a trusted adult.
          Who is involved?
          What happened?
          When did it happen?
          Where did it happen?
          • Topic 7


            For homework, students should continue to read 20 minutes at least five nights per week. Most of the reading continues to be the child's choice, but sometimes your child will be assigned to be part of a book club. When this happens, the assigned pages should be read before the choice reading so your child can be prepared for the small group discussion. Also, during book clubs your child will also be expected to take notes on the pages he/she has read. A handout will be provided to take notes.

            Please continue help your child record his/her books, pages read, and time spent reading on the Reading Log, located in the Take Home Folder.

            We continue to study comprehension strategies. These are "in the head ways of thinking" that will help your child understand and analyze text better. Please connect to the links below to see a copy of what your child is learning for each comprehension strategy.

            Along with Making Connections, Predicting Outcomes and Using Illustrations we have been working on Visualizing, Asking and Answering Questions, Inferring and Sequencing.

          • Topic 8


            In writing we have been working on free verse poetry and summary writing, and will continue to do so during the month of Jan.

            During poetry writing, we focus on writing about a single idea, object, or person (including pets/animals), expanding description, learning about figurative language and giving readers new or unexpected thoughts about the topic.

            During summary writing, students are learning the narrative parts of a story (character, setting, problem, events and outcome) as well as learning to pick out important parts and collapse ideas or events that occur multiple times. Even though we work on summary writing with picture books, the idea of summarizing should expand into being able to summarize longer events and activities in students' lives as well.

          • Topic 9

            Word Study

            In word study students are moving from studying long and short vowel patterns to r-controlled vowels, and then on to dipthongs (sounds made by two vowels that don't make a pure long or short sound).

            Please continue to practice the words at home multiple times each week as well as discuss the rules and patterns, Discussing the pattern is a solid way to help your child learn long term spelling habits.

          • Topic 10

            Class Schedule

            Morning with Mrs. Werwie
            8:20-8:40 Morning Work/Morning Meeting
            8:40-9:30 Math

            9:30-9:45 Number Corner
            9:45-9:50 Break

            9:50-10:35 Units (Health, Science, Social Studies)/Computer
            10:35-10:50 Handwriting or Guest Reader (Fridays)
            10:55 Lunch/Recess
            * Please send a note if you will be eating hot lunch with your child.

            Afternoon with Mrs. McGrane
            11:30-11:50 Reading
            11:55-12:45 Specialists (P.E., Media, Music, Art)
            12:45-1:00 Word Study
            1:00-1:30 Writing (snack 1:30)
            1:30-2:15 Reading
            2:15-2:30 Read Aloud
            2:30-2:38 Planners/Clean-up
            2:40 Dismissal

            • Topic 11

              Contact us...


              Deerwood Elementary 651-683-6801
              Mrs. Werwie: 7:30-8:00 a.m. and 11:00-11:30 a.m.
              Mrs. McGrane: 12:00-12:40 p.m. and 2:40-3:30 p.m.

              Voice mail:
              Mrs. Werwie 651-683-6969, ext. 93706
              Mrs. McGrane 651-683-6969, ext. 92814