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    Welcome to 7th Grade Science 

    Mrs. Boyer
    Room 124
    Phone Number 651-683-6969 x95332

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      Science Assignments, Notes and Announcements:


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        The Scientific Method

        *lifesaver lab

        *controlled experiments



        *needs of living things


        *major groupings


        *food webs chains and pyramids




        *fungi and parasites

        *diseases and the immune system

        *antibiotics and vaccines.

        Cells and Organ Systems

        *cell theory

        *plant and animal cells

        *cell division

        *organization and function of tissues, organs, and organ systems


        *the periodic table

        *elements and compounds

        *chemical equations


        *chromosomes, genes, and recessive and dominant traits

        *genetic variation, classification, biodiversity, and extinction.

        *cell division and asexual reproduction
        • Topic 3

          Grading Scale Consequences


          Students should come prepared for class each day in order to participate fully in all lessons. Every day, each student should bring the following:

          • textbook
          • pens and pencils
          • 70 page spiral notebook
          • 3-ring binder or folder
          • assignment notebook
          • calculator
          • 3 X 5 notecards

          Homework Policy

          Homework assignments will be posted in the classroom. Students are expected to complete all assignments by the due date. Any late assignments will be worth half credit unless otherwise noted. Late assignments will not be accepted beyond the unit test.

          Grading Scale

          A 100-94%
          A- 93-90%
          B+ 89-87%
          B 86-84%
          B- 83-80%
          C+ 79-77%
          C 76-74%
          C- 73-70%
          D+ 69-67%
          D 66-64%
          D- 63-60%
          U 59-0%

          Classroom Expectations

          Tardy Policy: Attendance is taken daily and students are expected to be on time to class. Students struggling to get to class on time are encouraged to talk to me in order to find an appropriate solution.

          Candy, Food or Gum: Candy, food, and gum are not allowed in class unless they are part of a classroom lesson.

          Classroom Conduct: Students will be polite in their words and actions with others. Manners do matter. All students are expected to practice self-control both verbally and physically. Every student is required to come prepared and willing to participate in class lessons, discussions, labs, and activities.


          1. reminder
          2. student/teacher conference OR phone call home OR referral
          3. referral to the office and/or after school detention