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    Yes, Mom and Dad, we DO eat our vegetables at school!!!
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      Dear KLE Families,

      Here are some messages from your children.
      "We know how to learn."
      "We write."
      "We read at school."
      "We read books at school."
      "We point to words when we are reading."
      "We read to our teachers at school."
      "We play at school."
      "We know how to listen at school."
      "We are smart at school."
      "We can count to 100."
      "We can count backwards from 20 all the way to 1 or 0."
      "We count to 100 by 10's."

      Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Dahlgren and the KLE Class


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        Hi KLE Families,
        January was a great month. Here are some of the things we worked on:

        I can sound out words and write down the sounds I hear.
        I know words for things that go.
        I can count to 31 and beyond.
        I can say which object is heavier.
        I know books by the authors John Coy and Douglas Wood.
        I can write a book.


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          Hi KLE Families,

          We were very busy in the month of December learning, creating, and playing. Here are some pictures.

          Some of our "I Can" statements this month were

          I know an exclamation point means I wrote something exciting.
          I can pause when I see a comma.
          I know words for growing up, animals, days of the week and months of the year,
          I can count from 17 to 25.

          Happy New Year,
          Mrs. Martin

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            jeremy abc salad

            Hi KLE Families,

            We have been busy learning in KLE!

            Some of the things we have worked on are:

            I can write my words of the week: I, a, the, to, see, am, go, is, and.

            I can count backwards from 10 to 0.

            I know the names of bugs and animals in English.

            Last week the kids tried an ABC (Apple, Beets and Carrots) salad. We got to watch a video of how it was made beforehand. Almost all of the kids tried it and Sabirin ate the whole thing!!!

            With Respect,
            Mrs. Martin

            books 2

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              Welcome KLE Parents!
              I am starting this website as a way for you to communicate with your kids about what they are doing in KLE. Please look at the pictures with them and ask them questions.

              This week three of our "I Can" statements were:
              I can make spaces in between my words.
              I can tell a true story about myself.
              I can count to 31.

              Your kids are wonderful. I am honored to work with them.
              Mrs. Martin

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