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    Welcome to the Cedar Park Science Lab Website!

    Welcome to Mr. Armstrong's website for the Science Lab at Cedar Park Elementary. This website is a great tool to see what is going on in science at Cedar Park. Look for periodic updates from each grade level concerning what topics we are studying, what activities students are doing, as well as links and information related to current topics of study. I encourage you to visit often and to feel free to contact me at any time with questions or comments about science at Cedar Park.

    • Topic 2

      First Grade - Penguin Science

      During the months of January and February, students in first grade are studying penguins through an integrated unit of study. They will be learning about penguins in all subject areas, including science. In the lab, we will focus on how penguins adapt and survive in their natural habitat, as well as learning about arctic habitats. Students will be doing various hands-on activities to learn how penguins stay warm in the frigid arctic, how penguins differ from other birds, how penguins care for their young and learn more about the arctic climate and what makes it different from other climates.

      Check back for updates and pictures as first graders use the exciting lens of penguins to learn about how animals adapt and survive in different climates!

    • Topic 6

      Fifth Grade - Earth and Energy

      Starting in January, fifth graders will be learning about the earth and the energy that powers the world around us. We will begin by studying earth processes, including erosion and deposition. Students will be using models called stream tables to learn how the earth changes over time and with different types of natural events.