Topic outline

  • General

    Mrs. Randi's class

    UNCOMING EVENTS: Thursday, November 22 and Friday, November 23......Fall Break. Friday, November 30........Staff Development Day. No school for students. End of first trimester. Friday, December cards go home. BOWLING PERMISSION SLIPS SHOULD BE IN. Students bowl on Friday, December 21. If you volunteered to chaperone, you will get further information soon. Thank you for joining us on December 21.
    • Topic 1

      Students are learning how to define and solve multiplication and division problems. They are learning what these problems look like with arrays, partial products, partial quotients and the standard algorithm. Not all division problems work out evenly. Remainders will occur. What does one do with left overs. Read the problem and decide.
    • Topic 2

      Students are learning to summarize fiction texts using the strategy of SOMEBODY, WANTED, BUT, SO, THEN. Ask your child to share this strategy with you. Then you can practice it together. In nonfiction texts, learning what is important and what is interesting, helps in writing clear and concise summaries.
    • Topic 3

      Students learned about rocks, soil and landforms. Ask them to share their learning with you.
    • Topic 4

      Social Studies

      We begin learning what social scientists, archeologists, historians, and geographers are. The first lesson allows students to investigation the past. Through experiential learning, students learn how social scientists reconstruct the lives of early hominids. Students will examine six images of cave paintings and other objects found in or near caves in Europe and South America. After making their own observations, students will read what read social scientists thought of the images. This discussion will introduce students to early hominids.
    • Topic 5


      Students are learning to deal with feelings. They are learning to analyze how positive thinking and goal setting help establish a healthy and realistic self concept. They are learning to examine and express feelings to maintain positive friendships. Students are also practicing effective strategies for managing stress dealing with uncomfortable feelings, and resolving conflicts. Each day we listen to Rusty share a healthy tidbit about bullying and positive thinking. Ask your child to share his message with you.