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    Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!

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    6th Grade  

    Creative Product Design

    Cooking for Everyone

    Sustainable Living Skills

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    Please take a peek at the link below. It is a great reminder of the "Bigger picture" and supports our mission in FACS.

  • Topic 1

    Basic class expectations:
    Be respectful to yourself, others and the school.
    Be a good listener - you can learn a lot from others and hear important information.
    Be a participant - get involved in discussions, labs and do the work!
    Be prepared - bring folder & pen/pencil every day and TURN IN REQUIRED ASSIGNMENTS!

    Grades are based on:
    Project effort and completion
    Food Lab work
    Daily assignments
    Extra Credit - offered during each unit (must be confirmed by parent signature - download a form here or get one from class)

    **Absent on Food Lab day?   Students must make these up at home!

  • Topic 2

    FACS Course:
    Power Foods & Money Smarts
    •Consumer Education
    •Financial Literacy/Money Management
    •Consumer Rights/Responsibilities
    •How to be an informed consumer
    •Food & Nutrition
    •Confetti Spaghetti- "cooking with pasta, meatless cooking"
    •Stir Fry - "food safety/safe food handling, ethnic foods, balanced meals"
    •Apple/Pumpkin Muffins - "quick breads, whole grains, seasonal produce"
    •Nutrition -Fast Food choices - Supersize Me!

  • Topic 3

    6th Grade

    6th Graders will taking FACS during 1 trimester throughout the year.
    FACS stands for "Family & Consumer Science" - (Home Ec. to many of you)

    During the trimester we will be studying:

    Food & Nutrition (kitchen & cooking basics) -

    Students will learn:
    -basic kitchen safety
    -safe food handling
    -proper measuring techniques

    Labs which students will participate in:
    -Orange Julius
    -Garlic Cheese Bread
    -French Toast
    -Homemade Spaghetti

    Textiles (sewing & clothing care) - 

    Students will learn:

    ~clothing care/laundry steps*

    ~basic handsewing techniques (threading a needle, sewing a button, running stitch) 

    ~how to sew on applique and assemble a pillow project

    *Please help support your child complete their laundry assignment:
    - Students only need to complete one load of laundry from start to finish!! Please fill out the checklist and sign the form the students bring home

    Laundry Assignment is due -

    Donations for our sewing unit:

    We could use the following items:
    •1-gallon zip close bags to hold project materials
    •Any felt or acrylic stuffing for our handsewing pillows
    •spools of thread - any color
    Thank you so much!

  • This topic

    Topic 4

    FACS Course:

    Creative Expression in Foods & Design 
    • What are we doing this trimester??
      •Food Lab
      •Sewing Unit
    • Interior Design 
    Highlights of the trimester

    Sewing Projects - students will need to provide their own material for their chosen project:
    These will be needed in class by the 4th week of the trimester:
    Pajama Pants
    pj pants

    Materials required:
    1.5 - 2 yards of 60 inch wide fabric (taller students may want to get 2.25 yards)
    matching thread
    1 yard of 1 inch wide elastic


    Optional project:

    Drawstring Bag or Backpack -
    drawstring bag

    Materials required:
    1 yard of cotton fabric
    matching thread
    4 yards of 1/4 in. drawstring cord (for backpack) OR 2 yard (for 1-sided drawstring bag.

    Drawstring Bag or Backpack made from recycled t-shirts from home


    Interior Design
    •Elements/Principles of Design
    •Dream Bedroom floor plan project

    *Food Lab:
    Crepes - "easy snacks"



    Spaghetti Pizza Pie

    Cookie Research/Lab

    • Topic 5

      FACS for Life

      Units in this class:

      Food Lab

      Perfect Chocolate chip cookies
      Fried rice
      Strawberry shortcake
      Microwave treats


      learn machine sewing basics
      complete a project (phone/ipod case, recycled t-shirt bag, other advanced projects available )

      Teen Topics

      Explore & reflect on current topics through guest speakers, readings, journaling
      Topics can include: body image, healthy relationships, stress management, internet safety and smart decision making