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  • GlobeWelcome to Mrs. Bauer's & Ms. Quant's Kindergarten Plus Page!

    Spring has Sprung!

    Even though, as of THIS writing, there is April snow falling outside the windowsmile!

    We will be planting bean seeds, and doing more RESEARCH about them as they grow, using a tool called a RAN chart.  This chart helps us organize our thinking as we Read and Analyze Non-Fiction text, and will come into play again when we begin our science study of living animals through the eggs and chicks that will be arriving at the end of the month.

    We have also begun practice for our Kindergarten Program, "Me, My Country, My World".  The program will be presented on Friday, May 9th, and our class will be in the AM show at 10:00AM.  Make sure to mark your calendars - ALL are welcome!


  • Topic 7

    Fun with Math - MEASUREMENT!
    Young children's earliest measurement skills start by the direct comparison of two objects. They transfer these comparisons to an understanding that objects can be described and measured according to different attributes. Children learn that objects can be compared by size, length, weight and capacity, and eventually verified by measuring.

  • Topic 22

    Writer's Workshop-Informational Writing
    A first step in writing informational text with young writers is How-To writing. Writers become teachers - first choosing a topic that they have experience with and an interest in sharing. Next, they list the items needed, and finally they put writing and drawings in order - "Steps" - to explain "how-to" do their topic. We are excited to take on this new challenge in writing, and look forward to teaching - AND LEARNING - lots of new things!
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    Research sign

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    Scientists at Work! 
    We are studying materials in our world.