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    GlobeWelcome to Mrs. Bauer's & Ms. Quant's Kindergarten Plus Page!


    Busy May and June!

    It hardly seems possible that we are now counting the rest of the school year in DAYS, not months!

    May and June have MANY special events included...we will keep you informed of any special changes in advance.  Happy Spring!


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    crocuses News to Note...

    Thanks for watching our calendar and keeping up-to-date on all of our activities...May & June are awfully busy!

    music noteWasn't the Kindergarten Program great! We will send you information regarding how you can view it over cable television when we have it.

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      Math in May!
      Most patterning experiences for kindergartners will focus on repeating patterns, but these young mathematicians can also begin to visualize and talk about growing patterns. A growing pattern is a pattern that increases or decreases by a constant difference. Have fun trying out these patterns! growing patterns
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        Language Arts...Writer's Workshop
        We have come far this Kindergarten year in Writer's Workshop! From beginning writing where our stories may have been told totally through a picture with perhaps a single letter or two to represent the words we wanted to say, we have moved on to personal narrative stories - "Small Moments". We have worked to tell more, putting details and our own voice into our writing. As our letter and sound identification has grown, our ability to put more writing in our stories has grown, along with our store of known, high-frequency words to use. We have begun to truly write for readers, using print conventions such as punctuation, spaces between words, and capitalization to make our writing easier for our audience to read. And now we have moved into informational writing - "How-To" and "All-About" writing. Our "All-About" stories contain a Table of Contents, and may include informational text pages, diagram pages, different-kinds-of pages, and may even incorporate "How-To" pages - detailing step-by-step instructions to help the reader learn how to do something new! Nothing makes us more proud than to sit in the Author's Chair to share our writing - CONGRATULATIONS to ALL our Kindergarten Writers!

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              "Me, My Country, My World!"  2014