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    Welcome to Briscoe's Physical Education

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    to Mrs.Briscoe's web page.  You should be able to find information and the schedule for my classes.  If you every have questions, please feel free to e-mail me at

    Grades:  Your physical education grade is based upon

                   appropriate dress, sportsmanship and class behavior

                   effort and participation

                   skill and evaluations (written tests and skill tests)

    Health Grades:  Skills Testing and evaluations based on Target Goals

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      6th Grade Current Unit: Fitness Testing - First 3 days

      All fitness tests will be graded. Each skill will be given 2 points when completed.  The skills are NOT graded on ability, but on finishing each skill.  The total points that can be earned is 10.


      Dress appropriately for outside, this means tennis shoes.

      We will be starting swimming on the 14th of Sept.

      You will need your one piece swimsuit for girls and swim trunks with strings for guys along with goggles,towel and a plastic bag for the wet clothes after swimming.  iF YOU HAVE DRY SKIN LOTION WOULD ALSO HELP.

      We will be working on the front crawl and back stroke.  All the swim strokes will be broken down so student will be learning all aspects of that stroke.  Testing will take place on the 5 and 8th of October.  After swimming unit 6th grade will finish fitness testing.  The mile will be run.  Hopeful next week will find a great fall day to finish this part of fitness testing.

      6th grade be ready to go outside on the 22nd of October.  It may be cool outside so dress for the weather:  jacket/sweatshirt, wind pants or sweatpants, tennis shoes, hat or mittons.

      Oct.29th  Class will be outside.  If you have any fitness testing to complete, please see me and we can meet in the morning between 7:30 and 7:50 and finish those tests.  We can also try after school if we need shuttle run.

      10/31-11/19  Volleyball main gym

      11/20-12/10  Rec games in the Aux gym and weight room

      Dress to be inside

      12/10-12/21  Rec games

      1/2-1/17  Dance

      1/22-2/6 Team handball and rec games2

      2/11- outside games.  Please dress for the weather.

                Jackets, hats, mittons, sweat pants/snow pants

      3/1-4/12  Swimming

      4/15-4/30 fitness  Aux. gym and outside.

      5/1-5/16  preparing for mile run and 6th grade track meet.

      5/30  All 6th grade Track Meet is tentively scheduled for this date

      Out side games will be last units of the year.

      • Topic 2

        8th Grade AND 7th Grade Current Unit: Fitness Testing - First 3 days

        All skills for the Presidential Fitness Test will graded.  The grade will reflect the number of skills completed.  Total points will 10.


        Dress appropriately for outside, this means tennis shoes.

         9/12-9/27  Badminton  MAIN GYM

        9/27-10/15 Golf OUTSIDE

        10/16-10/30  Soccer/Football  OUTSIDE

        10/31-11-19  Volleyball  EAST GYM

        11/20-12/21  Swimming/Weight training

        Please have a one piece swim suit for the girls and trunks with a draw string for the boys.  A towel, goggles, lotion for dry skin and conditioner for hair if you think you need it.

        I/3-1/17  Health for 7th grade1/18-2/11  Team Handball/rec games  MAIN GYM

        2/12-2/28   Dance AUX GYM/Floor Hockey Main gym

        3/1-3/19  Basketball  MAIN GYM/ 3/20-4/12  Fitness Testing for the Spring/Health

        3/20-4/12  Strength and Core Training   WEIGHT ROOM

        4/15-4/30   Handball MAIN GYM

        5/1-5/16  Badminton  MAIN GYM

        5/17-5/31 Softball/Lacrosse  OUTSIDE

        6/3-6/7  Testing


        • Topic 3

          7th GRADE  Sept.18-28th)

          If you have first hour physical education on Gold Days you will be swimming for the next 7 days.  Please have your swimsuit (one piece for girls)goggles and towel for this unit.

          If you have dry skin please use soap in the shower and bring lotion to apply to your skin after your shower.

          We will be reviewing the front crawl and back stroke along with introduction of side stroke and breast stroke.

          Oct 5and 8th will be used for testing front crawl and back stroke.  Side stroke will be introduced during this time in our swim units.

          My other 7th grade classes will continue to be outside.  Please dress for the weather.  Sweatshirts and sweatpants would be good.  We will be finishing football in the next few days and then begin our soccer unit.(Oct 9th or 10th)

          This will be our last week outside.  We will finish our soccer unit for 2nd and 3rd hour P.E. on Gold days.  1st hour will continue with football and hopefully, we will play some soccer.

          Volleyball main gym 10/31-ll/19

          Swimming Nov.11/20-12/21 for 2nd and 3rd hour gold day 7th grade.

          1st hour Gold days will be in weight room and aux for rec game.

          Health Test

          Take home final:  these pages in your packet need to be completed for this final. Chapter 5 Human Growth Vocabulary, chaper 6 Study Guide Lesson 1 questions 1,2,3 (extra credit) Chapter 15 vocabulary(both sides of the sheet) Activity 58 applying Health Skills The Reproductive System  this is due on Monday January28th. 

          We will be in a team handball unit through the 31st of January.

          Feb. 11 Floor Hockey and some outside games. You will need to have a jacket, mittons, sweat pants/snow pants, and a hat.

          Fitness Testing5/16th

          All 7th graders in my classes are in a swimming unit

          April 30th-May16th Swimming

          5/16.  . . .Running Mile depends on snow or spring.

          Basketball unit and outside units are planned for last weeks fo the school year.


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