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    Welcome to our 1st Grade website! This page has been designed by the 1st grade teachers to help inform parents of what is going on at school.

    Please visit your child's teacher's webpage for calendars and pictures.

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    • Literacy

      We are very busy continuing to become independent during our Managed Independent Learning stations. We continue to "build stamina" in our reading - most of the children will be reading independently for 15-20 minutes!  

      Reading groups have started and the students are super excited to be working closely with their teacher. We meet everyday for about 10-15 minutes. We work on many things while we are together in our small group. This might include high frequency word work, reading strategies, reading fluency, solving unknown words and writing responses to our reading. 

      Your child will continue to bring home a book bag each night. Please try to find a few minutes each night to read from this bag and return the books and the bag the next day. The children select 4 books from their browsing basket, 1 book of their choice from our class library and 1 reading group book. If you have any questions regarding this book bag, please contact your child's teacher.


      • Math and Number Corner

        For Trimester 3, we are working on:

        • I can use tens and ones to describe and represent a given number up to 100.
        • I can create a bar graph.
        • I can create a tally chart.
        • I can use words, numbers, pictures and/or a number line model and solve addition and subtraction equations.
        • I can put two numbers together for all the ways to make numbers up to 12.
        • I can identify the missing number in an addition equation.
        • I can identify the missing number in a subtraction equation.
        • I can write an equation to match an addition problem.
        • I can write an equation to match a subtraction problem.
        • I can use math words to describe 2D and 3D objects.
        • I can compose and decompose 2D and 3D figures.

        Number Corner provides a year's worth of daily practice with the following skills and concepts:
        Numeral Writing and Recognition
        Addition and Subtraction Facts
        Numeral Recognition
        Place Value

      • STEM

        Science- Pebbles, Silt and Sand
        Our unit involved an intense study of pebbles, silt and sand.  We will be going on a Field Study to Lebanon Hills.
        We have been working with Mr. Staum in the computer lab on Shape lessons!
        We have been focusing on the Engineering Design Process. The students are working on various challenges to help them understand this process. 

      • 1st Grade Teachers


        You may call the main office at Cedar Park (952-431-8360) and leave a message for your child's teacher. We will return your call or email as soon as possible!