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    Welcome to GT/YS (Gifted & Talented    

    and Young Scholars)

    Greetings GT/YS Families,

    As you may have heard from your students, I am making a change next year to teaching 4th grade!  I am super excited for this opportunity but at the same time will miss these wonderful students and families I have been so blessed to work with the past 3 years.  I trust that you will be in good hands, next year, with Mrs. Ollhoff (former 4th grade teacher at GH) as your new GT/YS teacher.

    I hope you have a very enjoyable and relaxing summer break and I'll see you in the fall!

    Christine Mulcare

    GT/YS Teacher until June 8th                                                                                                                                                                                 

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    • 5th Grade GT/YS

      I see these students Tuesday & Thursday, 9:45-10:45.

      The students have done an excellent job of creating projects in collab to educate the public on ways to take care of their lawn and conserve water.  You will find a link on the Glacier Hills homepage, check it out!

      The students also did a great job of painting the 3 rain barrels that were donated to us by Gregg Thompson.  the class decided to keep one here at Glacier Hills and we had a drawing for the other two.  Noah Seranski and Keiji Suzuya were the winners!

      • 4th Grade GT/YS

        I see these students from 11:30-12:15.  I see Houlding, Ollhoff and Ciesielski on Monday and Wednesdays.  I see Kretchman and Boughton on Tueday and Thursdays.

        The Exploravision projects were a huge success at Family Science Night.  The students also had the opportunity to present their projects to their classmates.  They did a great job of preparing what to say and delivering their information to a very receptive audience.  They even handled questions at the end very nicely.

        Ask your student to share their project in collab.

      • 3rd Grade GT/YS

        I see these students on Tuesday & Thursday, 2:45-3:30.

        The projects were a huge success at Family Science Night.  I saw a lot of families checking them out!  Students also had the opportunity to share them with their homerooms.  They prepared note cards, delivered their information and even answered questions at the end.

        I am so impressed with all their hard work during the engineering design process.  I see many future engineers in this group!

      • 2nd Grade GT/YS

        I see these students on Tuesday & Thursday, 1:45-2:25.

        I hope your student shared their Fractured Fairy Tale with you!  I was very impressed with their writing skills.

        We have spent the last few weeks looking at simple machines using a book called The Three Little Pigs and the Scientific Wolf.  Students are designing a contraption or Rube Goldberg machine that must use all 6 simple machines in some way.

        I'm excited to see what they are able to come up with!

        • Kindergarten YS

          I see these students on Monday and Wednesday from 2:15-2:45.

          We have spent the last several weeks learning about clouds.  We read several stories, did some writing, drawing and even took some pictures with the ipads of real clouds.  The students put together a cloud book that they took home to share with you.

          I hope you enjoy! 

          • Social Justice Book Club

            This group consists of 14 - 5th grade girls that are interested in social justice issues and making a change.  We meet on Fridays from 10-11:00.

            These incredible young ladies discussed examples of social injustice right here at Glacier Hills Elementary.  They agreed that bullying is an issue that they would like to address.  They came up with a catchy slogan, music and scenarios that were then video recorded. 

            Our video is complete and we couldn't be more proud! We hope you enjoy and take away our message on how to stand up against bullying!