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  • Glacier Hills Elementary, School of Arts and Science Kindergarten!

    Welcome to Kindergarten at Glacier Hills Elementary, School of Arts and Science!  We are so excited to have your child at our wonderful school.  Our Kindergarten day is a busy one.  

    Kindergarten encourages the growth of problem solving, decision making and communication skills, supports cooperative learning, socialization, healthy self-esteem and creativity. Growth occurs as children actively participate in concrete, hands-on activities each day.

    Play is an important part of the kindergarten program. There are strong links between creative play and language development, physical, cognitive and social skills.

    Our curriculum follows state standards and district frameworks and standards. As skills and concepts are taught, there will be more emphasis placed in the areas of science and art.

    Below is a daily schedule of our day.   

    9:10-9:35           Arrival/morning routines

     9:35                Morning meeting

    10:00               Writer's workshop

    10:50               Managed Independent Learning

    11:20 or 11:25   Lunch

    11:50                   Math/number corner

    12:45                  Specialist       

    1:35                     Recess

    2:05                   Quiet time and snack

    2:30                   Science

    3:05                   Choice time

    3:30                   Wrap Up

    3:40                   Dismissal

    Please let the Kindergarten team know if you have questions.

    Thank you.

    Holly Ceynowa, Laura Johnson, Angie Brinkmeier, Jennifer Gnatkowski and

    Kayla Heuring