Topic outline

  • 8th Grade Communications

    In this year-long course, we will examine many ideas in the greater scheme of public communications.  We start this year off with a back-to-basics speech where students get to interview one another and present their findings to the class.  From there we move on to the "All About Me" speech; students have to think about the surface, the inside, and their future goals and synthesize all these points into a cohesive and flowing speech designed to help the teacher and class learn more about each student.  We then move on to a group project where students need to use their communications skills as well as logic and reasoning to make the most out of given information and to solve a mystery.  We then transition back to speeches, with a persuasion speech, where students will learn to be more critical of information that is relevant versus information that detracts from an argument.  Finally, we round the year off with analyzing persuasive techniques in the media and advertising, trying to create more critical and thoughtful consumers and citizens in the classroom.  

    Throughout the year students will be accountable for reading per month.  With a background in Language Arts, the fundamental benefits of reading cannot be overstated.   Aside from increasing vocabulary, reading as part of a students academic diet increases academic skills, improves concentration and focus, and increases your reasoning skills.  We have created an environment for reading and support reading to its fullest.

    I understand the difficulties and anxiety that people have with public speaking and it is my goal to create a relaxed environment where students can feel confident and successful.

    • Calendar

      September 6 - September 12 - Intro week, syllabus, Getting To Know You

      September 13 - September 23 - Classmate Interview with accompanying technology piece

      • Introductory Weeks

        The resources here are additional copies of everything students will receive over the first 2 weeks of school.