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    Students in grades 2-5 complete several "Touch Typing" keyboarding lessons in the computer lab. They also learn healthy keyboarding habits which include:

    • Take frequent breaks
    • Sit tall with feet down
    • Shoulders down, back, and relaxed
    • Quiet wrists
    • Monitor at eye-level
    • Keyboard at elbow-level
    • Eyes on monitor, not on keyboard
    • (Students in grades 4-5 even cover their hands while typing.)

    We use Type to Learn 4 for our keyboarding lessons. At home I suggest that students use one of the following free online tools:

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    Topic 2

    Grade 5: I Am From Movie

    Make a Movie
    In this unit students are asked to capture their life in a 1 minute movie. In order to do this they need to include a poem, music, and pictures that represent the memories, sounds, smells, and sights that are a part of their lives.

    1. Create a Song - Using the application GarageBand students create an original song that fits their personality and becomes the soundtrack to their movie.

    2. Create a Poem - Based on a lovely poem by George Ella Lyon, students create their personal poem. This poem will be read by the student in a voice-over for their movie. (Poem Samples)
    3. Collect Photos - Using the words in their poems as a guide, students collect photos from a variety of sources to show their audience what their life is like.
    4. Build the Movie - Students bring all of the pieces together to create their movie with the application iMovie. Titles, transitions, sound effects, and credits will be added to our movies as well.

    5. Share the movie - Finished movies will be posted on this site for students to share with the class and the community.
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    Grade 5 - Making Music!

    Our fifth graders used Garageband software to create these fun songs. Many of the songs are made from a collection of pre-made loops of music which the students enjoyed putting together in new ways.

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