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  • Mrs. Greener's Kindergarten

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    • Welcome!

      We are so glad you are here!  There are so many important skills we develop in kindergarten, and I am glad we are on this journey together.  Below, you will see some of the topics we will cover through our units of study.  You will also find the components of our day.  

      Daily Schedule

      Specialists--Music, Gym, and Library (IMC)

      Morning Meeting

      Author's Chair


      Managed Independent Learning/Guided Reading Groups




      Read Aloud

      Writer's Workshop



      Word Study

      • Community

        Our first Unit of Study is all about developing classroom community and discovering what it looks like to be a friend to others.  We will begin establishing routines and developing our expectations for the rest of the school year.  During this unit, we will look at a variety of children's books to start studying the story structure and learn more about the world around us.  

      • Trees

        During this unit, we look very closely at trees and leaves--particularly hardwood and coniferous trees!  We will be looking at samples of types of wood, discovering if wood floats, and finding out what happens when wood becomes waterlogged.  We will be spending lots of time outside looking closely at trees and "adopting" a few of our own.  If we are lucky, we will even have a live tree visit our classroom!

      • H.A. Rey Author Study

        H.A. Rey and Margaret Rey are the authors of the very famous "Curious George" series.  They worked together to write and illustrate the original seven books in the series.  They were so popular that even after they were finished writing, other people wrote "in the style" of H.A. and Margaret Rey to write many more tales of Curious George.  We will be looking at the differences between the originals and new books, as well as studying the story structure that is common to all Curious George books.  As we become familiar with the structure, we will write our own Curious George class book.  

      • Eric Carle Illustrator Study

        Much like the author study of H.A. Rey, we will be looking closely at the illustrations of Eric Carle in this unit.  Eric Carle uses paint to create "pretty papers" and then layers them in a collage format to create animals, insects, and landscapes full of bright colors that children love.  We will use his books as a model for "filling the page" and using lots of of color to create illustrations during writer's workshop.  

      • Materials in our World

        During this unit we look at several different "materials"--wood, paper, and fabric.  We look closely at each one and look for ways that these resources are used in our world.  We experiment with making particleboard, our own paper, and fabric weavings.  

      • Life Cycles

        This unit is a favorite in kindergarten because it involves living creatures in our classroom!  We {try} to hatch chicks (but we get some regardless--they WILL be in the classroom, whether or not our incubating works!), and we also get worms, fish, and bugs to study!  We spend lots of time questioning life cycles and doing research to confirm what we think we already know.  It is a great unit for such curious young learners!

      • Great Resources for Kindergarten

        These are just some links to some great educational websites, as well as some fun activities you can do with your kids!  Enjoy!