Topic outline

  • General

    Here you will find our weekly calendar, assignments, rubrics, links, and information for parents. 
    This year we will begin by exploring what it is to be a citizen living within a community through various texts and writing. 

    Seventh Grade English will help students achieve new levels of reading and writing.

    • Each lesson will begin with a minilesson statement telling our objective. I will model a minilesson

    showing the use of the skills needed to complete the objective. Then students will

    practice that skill with a partner or group. Students will then be prepared to work independently apply-

    ing the skill to their independent reading or writing. Finally, students will share their results and thinking with a

    partner or with the class so we as a whole gain new perspectives and learn from each other.

    • Weekly plans including homework can be found on my google classroom (Parents, ask your student to show this to you on their Ipad).

    • Community  expectations and routines will be created collaboratively during the first weeks of school and will

    be revisited so all students are involved and our community functions the way we want it to throughout the


    • Each student is responsible for their missing and late work. Students who have been absent and have

    missed work can find it on Mr. Kurt’s Google Classroom. Students have the same amount of time missed to complete the assignments (missed one day, you have one extra day to do your work).

    Students need to conference with Mr. Kurt in order to get an extension if they think their work will be

    late. Classwork will be due at the end of the school day unless otherwise stated. Students who repeatedly

    turn in work late will have their parents contacted in order to intervene with this behavior.

    • Everyday materials for class include a writer’s notebook, a reader’s notebook, an independent reading

    book, pencils and pens, an assignment notebook, and Ipad. Information to be written in assignment note-

    books will be discussed at the beginning of class and will make up the week's agenda on Google Classroom. Homework most often takes the form of reading and practicing skills learned in class on thinkmarks or post-it notes. Anything not completed in class should be completed outside of class.

    Be on time, do your personal best on your work, and we will have a fantastic year together!

    • Parent Resources

      Find out a little more about Mr. Kurt and his class in this letter home.

      Work to improve your student's reading skills using this Parent Reading Helper.

      • Google Classroom

        Using their SHMS Collab (google) log-in's students can access Mr. Kurt's Google Classroom.

        This will be used to post weekly agendas, documents, assignments, and new items through the year.