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    • Chess at VMSS

      “Every chess master was once a beginner”


      chess set up

       The Checkmate Challenge at VMSS 

      Our Mission:

      All students will leave VMSS knowing how to play chess.

      Why Chess?

      There are many reasons why chess is a great fit for Valley Middle School of STEM.  Here are are just of few ways chess supports our school mission and vision.

          • promotes brain growth
          • exercises both sides of the brain
          • sparks creativity
          • increases problem solving and critical thinking skills
          • teaches planning, foresight and consequences
          • improves reading skills
          • optimizes memory improvement
          • teaches logic and efficiency
          • challenges kids of all abilities
          • requires the player to look at things from another person's perspective
          • connects community members

      Beginner's Block

      The following links and videos are designed to help the novice chess player become familiar with the game.

    • Intermediate Block

      Intermediate BlocK

      Chess figures

      The following links and videos were chose to help the intermediate player develop a deeper understanding of the rules and strategies of chess.

    • Advanced Block

      Advanced Block

      Chess squared off


      Here are several links and videos that will help give more advanced learners the opportunity to develop their game.

    • Makerspace

      Make-It Monday!

      This Duct Tape class is going to be fabulous!  As always, you can use any of the materials in the Makerspace to help you create your product.  Use any of the links below to help you come up with your creation, use the duct tape craft book, or completely use your imagination!  I can't wait to see what you create!