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    Essential English with Mrs. Lokensgard 

    This course offers instruction and practice to improve each student's reading, writing, and test-taking skills. Students will learn reading and writing strategies that can be applied in their mainstream classes. Strategies will also prepare each student for the Minnesota Competency Tests (MCA) given in April.

    Course Supplies:

    • Composition book and writing utensils
    • Class texts, units, and activities
    • An open and inquiring mind
  • Topic 1

    Quarter 2

    Nov 14-18

    Journal - My Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

    Independent reading with informal assessment

    Article of Week - "Father and Son"

    Journal - favorite character from a book

    Nov 21-23

    Short story with study guide "The Thanksgiving Day Hunt"

    Nov 28 - Dec 1

    If journal - childhood memory

    Introduce Kindles and A Day No Pigs Would Die

    Begin reading chapters 1 - 2 with study guide

    Dec 5-9

    If journal- where would you wake up?

    Read A Day No Pigs Would Die using Kindles, chapters 3-5

    Quiz on chapters 1-5

    News article - read, code, respond "Pearl Harbor Survivor"

    Dec 12-16

    Read and respond to A Day No Pigs Would Die, chapters 6-9

    Article of the week - read, code, summarize

    Dec 19-22

    Read A Day No Pigs Would Die, chapter 9 and begin Story Map

    Target Tuesday, reading clues using "Eight Candles, Nine Lives"

    Holiday video - Elf

    Jan 3-6

    Journal entry-  "5 goals for 2012" and "If"

    Resume reading A Day No Pigs Would Die, chapters 10-12

    Add events and conflict to Story Map

    Jan 9-13

    Finish class novel, A Day No Pigs Would Die, chapters 13-15

    Review activities: Story Map, Because... (cause/effect) and Order of Events

    Complete final test

    Jan 16-20

    Read, discuss, and write about Ruby Bridges

    Video - Ruby Bridges

    Jan 23-26

    Mid-year assessment with QRI

    Independent reading with daily journal response

  • Topic 2

    Quarter 1 2011

    Sept 6 - 9

    EVHS expectations and Essential English syllabus

    Compose "letter to teacher"

    Sept 12 - 16

    School pictures

    Begin individual QRI assessments with independent reading

    Article of the week - Coach Kill and Marvelous Mia - mark and summarize

    Sept 19 - 23

    Continue QRI assessments with independent reading

    Article of the week - Coach Kill returns - mark and summarize

    Journal + drawing of "how I spend my time"

    Sept 26 - 30

    Article on author Jon Hassler

    Begin reading Four Miles to Pinecone with vocab and study guide

    Timeline and journal

    Moodle response to Pinecone - an unusual teacher

    Oct 3 - 7

    Pinecone chapters 6-10 read, mark, and respond

    Pinecone quiz chapters 1-7

    Moodle response to Pinecone - my perfect part-time job

    Begin story map

    Oct 10-13

    Pinecone chapters 11-14 read, mark, and respond

    Pinecone quiz chapters 8-11

    Continue work with vocabulary foldables and story map

    Moodle response - Q1 progress

    Oct 17-19

    Pinecone chapters 15-16 read, mark, and respond

    Pinecone story map and summary

    Oct 24-28

    Review Pinecone vocabulary + Bingo

    Pinecone Exam

    Create and present Pinecone "one-pager"

    Oct 31-Nov 3

    Halloween history and memories

    Love You Forever - read, share, develop, organize and write an essay relating to a significant person in their life

    Independent reading (11/3/11)

    Nov 7-11

    Article of the week - "Local Libraries" - read, mark, summarize

    "The Bass, River, and Sheila Mant" - read, discuss, and complete story plot

    Organize and write a Conflict/Decision essay

    Independent reading with informal reading check

    End of Q1 11/11/11 

    • Topic 3

      Writer's Response

      You will be given time to respond to an on-line writing prompt.
      Please take time to write a thoughtful response to each prompt.
      Responses must be in paragraph form (6 sentence minimum).