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    A summary of science units covered in 7th grade is given below.  For a complete  description of the middle school science curriculum go to the District 196 home page.

    The Nature of Science and Engineering
    - Scientific method
    , controlled experiments, appropriate use of procedures, tools, measurements, graphs, and mathematical analyses.

    Matter - The periodic table, atoms, elements, molecules and compounds, chemical equations.

    Structure and Function of Living Systems -  Functions of cells and cell division, microorganisms, infections and disease, plant vs. animal cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems, vaccines and the immune system.

    Ecology -
     Populations, communities, and organism relationships, photosynthesis, 
    food webs chains and pyramids, energy and matter transfer in ecosystems, human impact.

    Genetics - Chromosomes, genes, recessive and dominant traits, genetic variation, cell division, asexual reproduction, classification, biodiversity, genetic variation, extinction. Adaptations and extinction.  Fossil record and lifeforms.

    Human Body Systems - Organ systems, functions of specialized cells, organization.

    On-Line Textbook

     8th Grade MCA Review - Genetics

    8th Grade MCA Review - Cells

    8th Grade MCA Review - Human Body

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        Weeks 1 - 2

        atomDaily Science Work

        Week 1

        9/4 Labor Day

        9/5 Introduction to science class. Discuss current events and model presentation, Moodle, notebooks, classroom procedures.  

        • Materials required for science:   One 70-page spiral notebook, pen/pencil, paper bag book cover - Note: Stretchy, cloth-type, book covers will not work for our science books due to the landscape style of our textbooks.
        • Homework: bring a paper grocery bag or other paper book cover by 9/12.

        9/6 Growth Mindset video.  Lab procedures and safety.  Voting with your feet exercise.

        9/7 Wingspan activity

        9/8 Textbook checkout. How to make a paper bag book cover.

        Week 2

        9/11 Cover textbooks

        9/12 Set up notebooks

        9/13 Ipad checkout - Click here for the App. list ( page 1)  (Page 2)

        9/14 Ipad setup

        9/15 Livesaver Lab - Introduction


        • Classroom Expectations

          Classroom Expectations

          School set

          Classroom expectations:

          • Be verbally and physically respectful to yourself and others.
          • Be respectful to property of others.
          • Treat the learning space with care.
          • Be prompt, prepared, organized, and productive.

          Tardy policy: Attendance is taken daily. Students are expected to get to class on time. If you are having difficulty getting to class on time, talk with me so that we find an appropriate solution. 

          Candy, food or gum: There will be no candy, food or gum allowed in the classroom unless part of a class activity.


          • Warning
          • Second incident - Student/teacher conference/Phone call home/referral
          • Third incident - Referral to the office/after-school detention.

          Extra Credit: Extra credit opportunities will be given throughout each trimester as part of the regular course work. There are no extra credit assignments available.

          • Grading Scale

            Teacher Grading Scale