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        When choosing a strategy to solving math problems, I always encourage students choose a strategy that:

        1- Makes Sense: Can you explain and show your strategy in way that someone else can understand?

        2- Is Accurate: Does the answer make sense and is it correct?

        3- Efficient: Can you solve the problem in a reasonable amount of time and effort?

        For challenging subtraction problems, those with large numbers and regrouping, students have developed these strategies:

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          3rd Grade Multiplication & Division Strategies

          Multiplication Basic Fact Strategies:

          Double the number x2

          Double and Double again x4

          Double, Double again, Double again x8

          Double + 1 set x3

          Clock fact, Half Decade Fact x5

          Clock fact + 1 set x6

          Decade Fact x10

          Decade -1 set x9

          Division Basic Fact Strategies:

          Half fact ÷2  divide the number into two equal halves

          Half, half again,  ÷4  divide the number into two equal halves, then in half again

          Half, half, half again ÷8 divide the number into two equal halves, then in half again, and one more time

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          Develop your typing skills by playing this fun game!
          super spider

          s c

          I B

          M P W

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            When listening to your child read aloud, ask the following questions when they make a mistake to strengthen their ability to self-monitor their reading.

            Does that make sense?*
            Does that look right?
            Does that sound right?

            *If your child says, “Yes,” reread the sentence the way they read it and ask the question again.

            Click on the left to see a list of books just for boys, or a list just for girls in third grade to read.

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              In the beginning fractions can be scary, but hopefully students will develop their confidence and understanding by practicing with these fun website activities.

              Pattern Blocks
              Fraction Fling
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                V G
                Areas of sunlight and darkness are updated every five minutes to keep up with the rotation of the Earth. Click on the image to open the web page.

                E M
                Watch this informative video to review day & night and the reasons for the seasons in North America.

                Earth's Axis
                This interactive website gives you the opportunity to change the tilt of earth's axis. How will that effect temperature and seasons? Click and find out NOW!

                Out of this WORLD activities can be found here at this NASA solar system for kids site.


                Click on the moon to see the current phase.

                Moon phase game
                L C

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                 T B

                Are you looking for a fresh and exciting way to jazz up your child’s reading routine? Try TumbleBook, a free resource on the Dakota County Library website. TumbleBook is a collection of animated, talking picture books that also includes puzzles, games, audiobooks and language learning. This website allows children to hear the audio track while they follow along in reading the books. The animation added to these stories make them highly engaging for third graders and their younger siblings.

                Click on the attachment for directions on how to find this resource.

                We Give Books