Mr. Nygren's Fifth Grade

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    Welcome to Mr. Nygren's Web Page

  • Assignments




    W - Ice Cream Floats and outside games

             from 2:00 - 3:25!!!

    Th - Awards and Graduation at 2:00 PM

    F - Report Card Packet and

           THE LAST DAY Of SCHOOL!!!

    • Reading Log and Book Levels

      Reading Log and Book Levels

      You are required to keep a reading log for the books you read in and out of school. Your list should be kept up to date in your Reader's Notebok and then entered into your book list database. Books are entered when you finish them. A fifth grade reader should read 35 - 45, at grade level books. Someone reading below grade level should read more books because the books are shorter in length.

    • Grade 5 Expectations

      Grade 5 Expectations and Procedures

      Read! Read! Read!

      - 35 - 45 books read this year at your reading level

      - At least 30 minutes of reading at home each day

      Develop Independent Work Habits

      - Homework varies depending on the day, usually math and always reading

      - Homework assigned to practice time management and meet deadlines: daily, weekly, monthly

      Keep Materials Organized and Assignments Communicated to Parents

      - Use a binder to organize assignments and papers

      - Keep a clean desk and work area

      - Maintain the Assignment Notebook daily by recording


      - Transport Assignment Notebook to and from school

      each day

      Complete Assignments on Time

      - Assignment card reviewed and signed weekly by parent

      - Responsibility recess for being up to date on assignments

      Weekly Responsibility Recess

      - Acceptable behavior in class and throughout CP

      - Assignments for classes up to date

      Engineering Challenges

      - Monthly project worked on at home: October - May

      - Projects shared and tested at school

      Fifth Grade Awards

      - Monthly STEM Award in each classroom for the

      best STEM student

      - Assignment Completion:

      1. Gold = 0 - 4 late assignments all year
      2. Silver = 5 - 10 late assignments all year

      - Citizenship Award:

      1. Shows Respect
      2. Follows Rules and Directions

      - Reading Award:

      1. Gold = 45 or more books this year and a completed Genre List
      2. Silver = 35 - 44 books this year

      - Presidential Awards:

      1. Educational Excellence - Outstanding Grades
      2. Educational Achievement - Tremendous Growth

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