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  • General

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    Learning and growing into our full potential

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    to Mrs. Bellows' science class

    This class is focused on all students deepening their understanding in science through labs, readings, researching, writing, activities and projects. We will keep a science journal in a binder or notebook. This science journal will contain the essentials of what they are learning and is a great learning and study tool. They will use this science journal each class period. There will be quizzes during each unit of study. We will provide a study guide before each unit test. The students will have weekly homework. The calendar contains all the activities for each day. It is essential for students to review their science journal weekly, study for quizzes and tests. We will discover, learn and have fun in science this year.

  • Science Calendar

    IMPORTANT RESOURCE: The calendar has the daily agenda, assignments and activities/labs with some links to assignments or websites. These links will lead you to copies of their assignments (paper copies), google class room assignments, learning videos and other helpful learning tools.