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    Welcome to 7th grade

    Informative Museum Display Project

    Research Resources

    This is a resource for all 7th grade students in the following classes:

    American Studies

    *On this page you will find all of the resources/handouts that the students need to complete all aspects of their Museum Display Project, for the three classes listed above.

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      Mr. Aase & Ms. Latham's
      7th grade American Studies
      Museum Display Project Information

      Museum Display Project (MDP)

      7th graders have been working really hard on their Museum Display research project for the past couple of weeks now. All of the research and note taking for this project has taken place here at school.

      At this point all of the students have completed their note taking and have been given the opportunity to fix their notes to raise their grades. 
      At this time students should be working on completing their required components; (their time line, collecting or creating objects & their chosen objects from Component #3; survey, interview, science or technology component, see directions for more details), each week, at home until their final projects are due.

      Due dates for the Museum Display Project:
      Class Periods 1 - 3: April 6th - 10th, 2015
      Class Periods 4 - 6: April 13th - 17th, 2015
      *If students are in need of help putting their display boards together they have the opportunity to bring their boards in and stay after school  to add some "pazzazz" to their project.
      The FINAL After School Project Sessions will be on: (from 3-5pm)
      Thursday, April 9th in the LMC.
      * Don't forget you will need to have your board with you.
      The Museum Display Project for these class periods can be turned in ANY TIME, ON ANY DAY, during the week that it is due. A project turned in any time after the due dates listed, for the classes above, will be 1 LETTER GRADE LOWER (I.E. The highest grade that your student(s) could get to start would be a B+, if turned in after the listed due date for the his or her class period).

      We have attached the directions to help the students better manage their work time at home. We have also attached the rubric, so that students will know how their project will be graded.

      If you or your student(s) have any questions regarding this project please feel free to email either Mr. Aase or myself.