Topic outline

  • General

    Mrs. Urban FRMS Counselor (House 62,81,82)

    Urban C

    How do counselors help students?
    • Provide individual and group counseling
    • Promote academic achievement and social growth
    • Teach guidance curriculum in the classroom to enhance the learning process
    • Help students establish personal goals and develop future career paths
    How do counselors help parents?
    • Help parents respond to the challenges of raising adolescents by providing information and support services
    • Collaborate with parents and staff to address students needs
    • Assist parents with interpreting assessment results
    • Connect families to community resources
    How are students referred?
    • Students can make an appointment with their counselor directly.
    • Students, parents, and teachers can fill out a referral form and drop it off in the confidential counselor drop box located outside the counseling offices.
    • Parents can call or email their student's counselor to request a meeting.