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    Welcome to Technology Education

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    Technology Education is a trimester course for each grade level at VMS
    7th grade students have Tech in the winter, 8th grade in the fall, and 6th grade in the spring. The areas of study are divided into four categories;

    1. Energy, Power, and Transportation
    2. Construction
    3. Production
    4. Communications

    Technology Education is a course that involves many different disciplines. Math, science, history and the way we communicate all contribute to the way technology is changing in our society. People often define technology as high tech computers. I like to refer to technology as using tools, materials and processes to enhance our quality of life. In addition, technology can be used to improve the environment in which we live in.

    Energy, Power, and Transportation; The study of various energy and power sources, how humans harness these sources and the impacts of using energy and power on our environment. The 7th grade solar collector is an excellent example of a project in this area.

    Construction; Using processes and materials to construct a product on site. The eight students will design and build a small scale bridge.

    Production; Using processes and materials to manufacture a product in a work site or factory. Some products are mass produced and some products are custom made. 8th grade students will first draw a set of plans for a wood box which they will each produce. In sixth grade students custom make a small wood project using hand tools. The tick tack toe board is also produced by sixth graders, which incorporates some power tools.

    Communications; The process of sending and receiving messages. Drawing, drafting and photography are areas of study in which graphic communications is taught. This is taught through designing various projects in all units. In 8th grade students work on a variety of printing projects.

    • Topic 1

      Unit 1: Drafting

      In this unit we will work on measurement, 3-view drawing, isometric, and treasure box plan.